Feb. 01–A week after announcing an investment deal with Amazon, Greenwood Village-based StarTek said it will close a Colorado Springs customer service facility and lay off 261 people.

The site, at 4455 Arrowswest Drive in Colorado Springs, will close on March 31. Some employees are being offered jobs at other sites within the company.

"We are closing our Colorado Springs facility in response to the changing business needs of some of our clients," said Michelle Tripp, a StarTek marketing specialist. "This was a very difficult decision to make and is in no way a reflection on our employees or the highly valued work they perform each day on behalf of our clients."

StarTek was founded in Greeley in 1987. It offers outsourced customer support for retail, telecommunications, e-commerce and health-care clients. Customers include T-Mobile and AT&T. But the company has seen declining revenues in recent quarters and is focusing on more profitable business.

Last week, StarTek said in a regulatory filing that it had expanded its existing relationship with an Amazon subsidiary to give the company an option to buy up to a fifth of StarTek shares. But the deal moves forward only if Amazon generates $600 million in commercial services for StarTek. News of the deal helped StarTek’s price jump to a high of $13.55. It closed Thursday at $12.10.

Tripp said the Colorado Springs closure and Amazon investment news "are completely unrelated."

StarTek notified Colorado’s Department of Labor on Jan. 30 about the 261 job cuts, which include customer-care representatives, managers and trainers. StarTek has support centers in Greeley and Grand Junction, and in dozens of other cities around the world. Tripp said StarTek employs 14,000 people in five countries, including about 1,200 people in Colorado.

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Should have taken credit card numbers of occupants at beginning, then billed for damages. Most hotels do this. Occupants are assumed responsible for behavior of guests.

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Another slap on the wrist of a law enforcement type who endangers the public — .08 after FOUR hours.And then the ADA defends his behavior.

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Why didn’t Nunes answer when asked if his staff coordinated with the White House on writing the memo? Nunes was part of the Trump campaign. Nunes was forced to recuse himself from the House Intelligence Committee investigation of Russian collusion because he colluded with the White House. Nunes is nothing more than a Trump lackey who lacks any credibility. He needs to go back to shoveling cow manure on his dairy farm instead of trying to shovel BS to the American public.

Pit bull bans are still justified



What a disappointment to see such an editorial. We had hoped that those in journalism might have evolved. Let’s not forget the words of Molly Markert of Aurora. If I could ban the owners, I would do that too. This is a law based not only on dogs, but the stereotypes of the people who own them. It is wrong. Despite the ban, Denver has found itself with an increase of dog bites. They have also been ranked among the top 10 places for postal workers to be bitten by dogs. What is seen, like in most areas with breed bans, is a sense of complacency as we stereotype one breed as being a villain. Additionally, as to the force of a dogs bites, a study was also done that showed German Shepherds and Rottweilers exerted more pressure in biting than pit bull type dogs. But let’s set that aside for a moment.

Because in the end it is not about a breed of dog. It’s about the person at the end of the leash. Cities in Colorado who do not have breed bans and instead, address irresponsible ownership, enjoy the lowest rate of dog bite per capita than cities who choose to stereotype dogs based on appearance. What they do have are comprehensive laws in place that address dangerous dogs regardless of appearance. We applaud the forward thinking of Castle Rock in their desire to keep their community safe by instituting breed neutral laws that address irresponsible owners. We hope Denver can find themselves able to evolve also. Responsible Ownership is Not Breed Specific

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President Trump is going to win [again] this fight [MAGA!] so ‘resist’ all you want, you’ll just lose tired and disgusted.

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Another loss in court for Trump.

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The federal budget will have a trillion dollar deficit each year and into the foreseeable future. Gotta start making cuts somewhere if you ever hope to balance the budget.

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Whenever I want to see a sloth, I visit a government agency.

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Oh my gosh. How heartbreaking. As a mother, my heart goes out to Victoria’s mother and her entire family. This is a tragedy of the first degree. May this sweet girl rest in peace.

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A good first step in mending the divisions and inequity between rural and urban Colorado. These things cost money and a lot of that money will of necessity need to come from outside the rural regions that will benefit most from this kind of legislation. That isn’t an excuse not to act, though: if we want our rural regions to continue to serve us in terms of both agriculture and tourism, then investing in their success should be a no-brainer.

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The Dems and their willing partners in the liberal media are all for transparency when it may harm Trump, but when extremely dirty Dem laundry is the subject, transparency suddenly is unimportant and now to be considered dangerous.After it’s release tomorrow, the Dems/Media will claim the memo is unsubstantiated and false and more facts must be known, which immediately allows Nunes or Trump to release the underlying evidence supporting the memo’s blockbuster summery, which was their goal all along.The Trump/Russian collusion story will instantly be debunked, and documented proof that Obama’s DOJ, FBI and Hillary colluded and conspired to take Trump down pre and post election will soon follow.And that is just for starters, many more equally disturbing scandals will emerge as the months go by.The Dems/Media will go full scorched earth with breaking fake news stories in an attempt to distract and slander but it wont work, the evidence will be too much, too documented and too strong.Get ready for upcoming media stories claiming Nunes is a Russian agent, and Trump is the reincarnation of Joe McCarthy.

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Also in 2014-Colorado starts issuing driver’s licenses to illegal aliens. https://www.theguardian.com/…/colorado-drivers-licenses-undocumented-migrants So -report on how many drivers involved are illegally present with drivers ‘permits’ — you know, in fair and balanced reporting…

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Hancock needs to go — "Let’s make housing affordable for losers by making it less affordable for people who contribute to society." That makes sense right?

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I never understand this. Why do people threaten others with knives?

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