Planning a Trip

There are many things I have always wanted to do and skiing is one of them. While I have never even tried the sport because I need to get strength training in Denver for this activity, it’s essential for maintaining your ability for sports. There are no great skiing resorts around me, so my friends are planning a trip to Colorado.

I have heard they have some of the best snow in the entire country, but it will take a miracle for my parents to allow me to go. My grades have not been very good this year and they do not like the people that I hang out with most of the time. I will have to either miss the trip of my life or convince someone I know to be a chaperone so my folks will let me go.

I heard there are some good restaurants that are in Colorado as well. We would be driving there, so it would be great to get some good food along the way. I am even open to trying Rocky Mountain oysters, even though this seemMy Friends Are Planning a Trip to Colorados like something that people should not be willing to put in their mouths. I will have to see if I would be as brave when this dish is put in front of me.

I have a cousin who is around 25 and she is one of the most trustworthy people in my family. I am going to see if she would be willing to go with us. I think that she is so cool that my friends would not make a big deal i she went on the trip with us. She is also responsible enough that she may be able to convince my parents to let me go. I will have to keep my fingers crossed and see what happens.