Title: Thank God for the Cotton

Pages: 208

Publisher: Ambassador International, Greenville, SC 29601

Price: Amazon $15.99

Genre: Memoir

Describe book: Thank God for the Cotton: Memoir of a Millworker’s Daughter by Sybil D. Smith. Generational family baggage creates unexplainable events for a young mill hill child and takes years to unpack. The mill village culture is seen as both a blessing and a grace providing day to day decision opportunities for God’s goodness to be bestowed. It takes years to name and claim the wounds before the healing journey can begin. Before the harvest of healing is the discovery of what had been swept under the rug, and is not without pain and tears.


Name: Sybil D. Smith, PhD, RN

Address: PO Box 61, Lyman, SC, 29365

Contact number: 864-848-3933


Twitter: @TGfortheC

Facebook: Thank God for the Cotton – Home | Facebook

Connection to the area: Dr. Smith grew up on Harris Mill Village in the 1950s. Her family was first family to occupy 100 Lanett St. Her father was raised on Draper St., Greenwood Mill Village. Her mother was raised at Connie Maxwell.

Favorite Author: Henri J.M. Nowen

Favorite Book: Can You Drink the Cup?

Author info: Sybil Smith, PhD, RN, grew up on the Harris Mill Village in Greenwood, South Carolina. Experienced as a scholastic and opinion writer she now sheds the academic regalia and relates her memoir as a mill worker’s daughter. She resides in Lyman, SC, with her husband of fifty-four years, where she teaches Sunday School, visits the homebound, and is a hospice volunteer. Sybil believes in the practical application of knowledge as she advocates for the needs of the older population, the forgotten and left out.

Teaser: Author broke the glass ceiling in the 1950s as she was one of the first female paper carriers delivering The Index Journal on the Harris Mill Village where she resided.

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